Friday, May 22, 2009

Balloon Seminar sketch dump

Many of you know that aside from living in "Animationland", I also have one foot in "Balloonland" (like the main character in the new Pixar movie "UP"). I was extremely surprised to hear of such a story line, since I create balloon decorations/event decorating, when I am not animating. I can't wait to see "UP" on May 29th! I guess my balloon-related story ideas should be thrown out the window now that Pixar got their hands on such a unique story...ARGH....
Anyways, here are sketches from a balloon seminar I went to. Yes the balloon is a 3ft. balloon, so it is meant to look that big. And yes, there are balloon decorating classes/seminars!!! My favourite one was in Disneyland!  Check out the cool portfolio Many people can't believe you can make anything out of balloons!

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